Libraries and Lectures


Libraries have played a huge role in the promotion of my books. A relationship with libraries is something I want to cherish through life. I thought I could dedicate part of this Sunday to this appreciation. At the same time, I get to prepare mentally for the course on Management and Interlocutor Skills. Why do I bring up in this context? First of all,  without libraries my production would never had such a wide circulation. Consequently, the amount of lectures I give have increased considerably.

A series of lectures starting next week will make the issue topical in another way. Students have had time and opportunity to familiarize themselves with the course material in advance. Such an opportunity gives the lecturer more room. The body and content of the lectures can be colored from completely different starting points.

My main distributor for university libraries is EBSCO. Their e-book collection is impressive. The best thing about all this is that even a larger number of students can borrow a book. My upcoming course has 4o students. I use all three books as a course material. If only physical books were available, there would be a disproportionate number of physical books in the library to make enough for everyone. Regardless of the space they would take up.

This writing is not intended to discriminate against physical books. No, they are indeed just as important. Now it’s a question of purpose and the role of libraries in it. I am happy for every inclusion where the libraries take my books in their selections – whether it is physical, e-book or an audio book.

So on this Sunday again, I remember this appreciation. Thank you for creating the necessary pre-conditions for a successful lecture series. It is becoming a full 32 hours of teaching through Teams – plus assignments and the exam itself. When all this is timed within two months, consistency is the key. Easy access to books is something that facilitates not only navigation but also internalization of the matter. All the essential is immediately accessible and is not behind many gates. When the subject is management and mediator skills in the music business, it involves a lot of information.

Trilogy available for libraries
All three of them in Paperbacks