Libraries and Lectures


Libraries have played a huge part in the promotion of my books. Maintaining a life-long connection with libraries is something I hold dear. I thought I could dedicate this Sunday to this appreciation. Simultaneously, I am getting ready for the forthcoming music business management course. Why do I bring up in this context? First of all, without libraries my production would never had such a wide circulation and reach. Consequently, the amount of lectures I give have increased considerably.

A series of lectures starting next week will make the issue topical in another way. The students have had time and opportunity to familiarize themselves with the course material in advance. Such an opportunity gives the lecturer more room – and alternatives. The lectures can be enriched with a variety of examples that could otherwise be unattainable.

My main distributor for the university libraries is EBSCO. Their e-book collection is impressive. What’s even better is that all students can now borrow a book right away. My upcoming course has 47 students. I use all three books as a course material. If only physical books were available, there should be 47 copies of it. Think about the space they take.

This writing is not intended to discriminate physical books. No, they are equally important – no matter the format. I am grateful of every addition the libraries make when taking my books in their collections – whether it is physical, e-book or an audio book.

This is to every library. Thank you for creating pre-conditions for the successful courses when taking these books. It is a great help and 32 hours of teaching through Teams become doable. All this takes place within two months, and consistency as a key. Easy access to books is something that facilitates not only navigation, but also the internalization of the matter. All the essential is immediately available and not behind many gates. When the subject is artist management and related mediator skills, it involves a lot of information.

UPDATE: Here’s the latest book. Available on EBSCO as the previous ones!

Library, libraries and their importance with The Art of Music Business Management - For Artists & Managers book that's available on Amazon, EBSCO, and many other distributors.