Timelessness and Music Business Books


Timelessness and memorable laws – the topics that have always fascinated me. I have always tried to find regularities and don’t even realize why. However, I pay attention to them in every transaction. It’s probably an occupational habit of an artist manager and a non-fiction writer.

This theme of timelessness is present everywhere in my production. Timelessness is the frame against which all the development is reflected. Timelessness is also a fixture on which I build the structure in my books. Timelessness also determines the order of presentation I use when lecturing. Or the content for the artist mentoring and guidance I provide. There’s quite a simple reason for this.

Books are easier to update, renew, and edit to match the prevailing circumstances. Taking timelessness into account also makes it possible to eliminate momentary trends when they cease to exist – there is no need to re-edit the entire book. It also makes it easier for the reader to perceive the purpose of updates. Under the theme of timelessness one is also able to reach to the present moment as well as find the things that need to be corrected, improved, changed or removed in the very moment.

To stay up to date, I visit several industry forums like MusicAlly, Music Business Worldwide, Music Industry City or webinars arranged by Songtrust to name a few. All this, in addition to the daily practice. Every time something new emerges, I wonder if it should be included in my books, lectures, or giving mentoring to the artists. One part of this information acquisition relates to one-one-one conversations that I have on a weekly basis around the world. Here’s one of such with MusicAlly’s Commercial Director, Anthony Churchman and Mandy Salem-Aubry.

With Mandy Aubry and Anthony Churchman - talking about timelessness

All this has become a cycle that affects everything in my daily life. It also brings rhythm and routines to the day.

Take care there and talk to you soon.