Soundtrack of The Essence of the Music Business


I have recently had interesting conversations with readers and the industry. Let’s take this idea of the soundtrack first. Do I have some favorite artists I listen to as I write is a question that comes up pretty regularly. Today is a perfect day to reflect on that. The subject itself is so fascinating that I wanted to be free from all the constraints of work. This Sunday no work matters in mind and I decided to enjoy this moment. It’s also easy to get back in the moods when I was writing The Essence of the Music Business trilogy. It took four years to complete that process and it’s still in fresh memory. So is the soundtrack in it.

With book number one my favorites were Volbeat and Nightwish. I made my own playlist on them, so I could change the tempo of my writing. When Volbeat’s Lola Montez hit the air, the fingers begun to produce text on the screen. It was accelerated by Nightwish’s Amaranth and its live recording from Wacken Open Air with Floor Jansen. The power that is present in those songs is a great aid when you are in the construction phase. Instead, in the grinding phase, where already structured text is edited for proof-reading, slower-striking music works better. Sia‘s Chandelier has great wibes, as well as Pink‘s Try. At that point the text is read in a completely different way – that’s why the music also has to support the moment. Such large pieces are likely to raise the mood, which is weakened by the fatigue of writing. These songs provide you those needed extra miles.

The Essence of the Music Business books on Lenovo laptop

Youtube is a great invention for the author. In addition to your list, it suggests artists you might like. As you keep writing, the timeframe disappears and you don’t even realize you have spent your entire list. It occurred to me with book number two that I found Battle Beast first. Battle Beast in turn led me to Beast In Black and Amaranthe for the book number three.

Then there are these life situations that also have their twists. We were changing house when I was writing ‘Philosophy’. I and my wife had to drive to landfill quite a many times – to dispose the useless stuff. By the way, that’s a liberating moment – after that we haven’t replaced any of them. Any way, every time we started the car, Clean Bandit‘s Rockabye begin to play. When we additionally saw them live at Ruisrock, the song took on a special significance. Everytime I am applying those feelings, I put these song on play. The list above is not exhaustive – I naturally listened to other artists when writing as well:). What I am trying to say here is that music has a lot to do with the spirit of the text. In a way, this story is thanks to all the artists that have been with me at those writing moments. There’s always more to come and it’s always a pleasure to find a new artist for that soundtrack.

Then at work. I have recently visited intensive exchange of correspondence and many calls with Kingart Music Management. If that all happens naturally as if it has been around for a longer period of time, you are probably onto something. You will notice that you have begun cooperation without no-one explicitly bringing it up. As a result, we are already involved in several joint projects. This is what I mean when I say beyond a certain limit, things start to run under their own weight and find their fellow travelers without much effort.

Take care and talk to you soon!