Happy to Announce – The Worldwide Publication Date


I am happy to announce that it is soon here! The worldwide publication takes place in July 19th.

There are at least four things that makes me happy with this.

Firstly, I finally managed to create a concept that takes into account the current global needs within this scene. Trust me, it wasn’t easy. Every time I got created a concept, some emerging innovation made it weak. Every non-fiction writer knows what I mean. This change is nonstop, or at least it feels so. The modern non-fiction book requires reservations for this possibility.

Consequently, I am happy the book succeeded with its reservations. There isn’t an instant need to change the structure anymore – when some additional trend arrives the market. Just give it a welcome and decide what to do with it.

I am particularly happy that this book can be used for multiple educational purposes. If you are a teacher of the subject, just use the structure/concept of it and feel free to replace its examples with your own ones. Or, use it as it is.

Finally, it makes me personally happy to decide this chapter. From now on, I can freely take against all the related assignments. When the writing session is underway, or when you create preconditions for something great to happen, this destination begins to loom on your head. You probably know what I mean!

Have the best of Summer!


Happy to announce the publication of this book.

A few changes always happen when finalizing the book. Here’s an updated backcover.


The next generation of music business books is here!

Karhumaa’s seventh book presents an unprecedented concept – how to understand modern artist management. Traditional and prevailing laws are transmitted, but the development of technology is presented in a way that often goes unnoticed.
In a time when technology development is increasingly guiding the formation of new business models, it is important to adapt to the situation. NFTs, web3 or the metaverse is already commonplace. Development plays a huge role in the job description of artists and managers.

Nowadays artists more frequently take a more active role in their own management. It’s not just the manager that runs intermediation or facilitation, and this includes modern preconditions and their arrangements. The artist needs to be prepared in any case, with consideration as to how resources are allocated to enable goal achievement.

To be able to succeed now and in the future, the basics of this book will be needed. This book is a step by step of what you really need to know. It is particularly well suited for educational use.

A manager needed to write this book. The author has almost three decades of experience in multiple capacities. Mika Karhumaa is a music business manager – specializing in artist management and contracts & copyright. He lectures on the subject and acts as a strategist in many industrial operations.