’In Hand’ Pictures


These ’in hands’ pictures have become popular. A man behind this idea is Victor A Baker from Chicago. He recently sent me a picture with one of my books in his hand. I then asked can I share it. He liked the idea and you probably guess what happened. I started getting similar images – from people who had read my books. I like these gestures a lot – that’s why I decided to publish this collage. I will also update this collage whenever so requested. That is, no picture will be published without permission.

In-hand image from Chicago

Such interaction is also a motivator. Whenever such a picture appears in my mail, it reminds me why am I doing this. I know this sound like a much used expression – it is just hard to come up with other way to show my gratitude.

In hand image from Austin, Texas

Feedback is also an accelerator. It trigger processes that you might not have mastered yourself. This again makes you writing better books and updates when needed.

In hand image from Pesaro, Italy

The whole trilogy is fresh at the moment. Therefore it is relatively resistant to development. However, block chain entry may change the setting quickly. Not yet in practice, but with reservation. It depends on how the market responds to its potential and threats. Also the music and tech is evolving. It is constantly creating new ways to enjoy music. It may be that we have think copyright all over again, with some of its contexts. These, on the other hand, require an updated agreements and arrangements. The writer must be prepared for this. I try to keep release interval in line with the actual market situation.

In hand image from Oulu, Finland

I’ll come back to these pictures yet. They tell their own truths between lines. Book alignments have clearly found their target. The first part – Contracts – is read by lawyers, law students and managers – that is, the professional groups most concerned with the subject. The book has also been useful for the record companies, music publishers and agency’s staff. It is common that some of them at some stage in their career will continue to run it as an artist manager.

In hand image from Austin, Texas

The second book – Philosophy – was intended primarily for managers. However, it did not quite happen. It was embraced by the artists – by far its largest readers group. In retrospect, I’m really happy with the result. I got a lot of information included in it what artists need to know about the professional groups that support them. Some of the pictures where this ‘in hand’ is taken directly from the tour bus make me particularly happy!

In hand image from Kaarina, Finland

Maybe the trilogy makes sense. On the other hand, it is about how you sing your song. You have to think about the content and how it is presented. Such a process also evolves. One cannot ignore the fact that next part can supplement and remedy the shortcomings of the previous ones. The last part of the trilogy – Strategy – benefited from this. It has become a popular book outside the music business as well. I bet the strategy in general is so fascinating globally that it attracts.

In hand image from Kaarina, Finland

When you look at these pictures here – pretty many of them have all three involved. And no, this is not a cheap marketing trick. I think it tells us about consistency in one’s mindset- written by a same author. It is then easier to follow, even if the subject changes. So it is for those who started long before me – they have their own readership. I find it great to have a choice.

In hand image from Helsinki, Finland

If you ever hit your hands on some of my books and you want to take ‘in hand’ picture of them and feel free to send it to me. It is very possible that it will be published in a constantly updated collage. This new book may delight you a lot – it’s thoroughly prepared for the wider entrance of artificial intelligence.

Waiting to have in hand pictures too.