Pesaro, Italian Way and Summer


It was a nice vacation. It became four years since I traveled abroad the last time, if the business trips are not concluded. Thanks to Eloise Mikkonen who completed the proofreading in time – so that I could take a break. Two weeks in Italy does good to anyone. We stayed at Hotel Bellevue, in Pesaro, with their incredible staff that made our holiday an experience.

Sights, architecture, sea or the nature I could talk a lot, but the best part were the people. The Italian way of hospitality, how they take into account their own and their guests made an unforgettable impression. From the moment you landed the Rimini International Airport, you will experience the kindness of these people. I had interesting conversations with the locals even though we did not always speak the same language. The mixture of English and Italian and expressive behavior is functioning well. From this ecstatic I promised to learn to speak Italian language. And yes – we will visit this country again.

Italian beach near Adriatic sea at Pesaro








I also got to think about the publication schedule in peace. Last summer I didn’t have the same opportunity. The lecturing invitations have become more common, so I am probably going to publish the second volume of the book early in the fall. Also some additional texts have emerged during this writing. I have been interacting with the field more closely and came to contact with its latest innovations. This means that The Essence of the Music Business will get a third volume – Strategy. It’s publication will take place somewhere in 2019. It means that the book series will eventually become a trilogy.

I wish everyone the best of summer – let’s enjoy it. More articles are coming as long as I can take breaks in the middle of everyday life – or from the management duties.