Music Publishing – Music Management Lectures


This time our lecturing series takes us into the world of music publishing. In some places, an obscure subject is best opened up by the professionals in the field, such as those who are daily dealing with it. Because our course is focused on music managers, that is also our perspective. In order to best serve their clients, artists, managers need to know the basics of music publishing.

It is essential for the manager to know, for example, how Youtube monetization works or what is the difference between writer’s share and publisher’s share. The manager also needs to know how that revenue is generated and what it takes to become involved in it. Once these mechanisms are known, all the participants will be able to evaluate their own position and value to the extent required by the purpose. If the artist does not have this information, the manager can help explain it to them.

We were lucky to get Mandy Aubry, Director of Business Development EPEC & APAC at Songtrust, to talk about it. The lecture contained a concentrated dose of information, which can be challenging to gather from many different sources.  It is always best to get the information directly from the source, from those who are actually working on the subject. It brings with it the practice and experience. Even now it turned out that what is theoretically presented can be a bit different when approached in practice. This information is worth gold to the manager. It also helps to find relevant and indirect effects elsewhere in the artist’s business.

Music publishing lecture with Mika Karhumaa and Mandy Aubry
Music publishing essentials at Arcada UAS 5th February, 2020. Mandy Aubry

I have a great news. Songtrust have produced bespoke material, if you cannot attend any of these lectures. Note, they also arrange webinars on the music publishing essentials regularly. For more information, for example The Modern Guide to Music Publishing.