Here We Are Again – Another Course To Start


Here we are again. Another ”Managerial and Intercession Skills in the Music Business – The Modern Fundamentals of the Industry” is about to start at Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences. This course has one clear starting point, which is also present in the name of the course. There are a few things that a manager is expected to master. How they handle those things will determine their success in the role. And here – it also has a significant impact on the artist. There is a profound interdependence between these two parties, and the manager couldn’t be here without an artist. So,  it is ok to say it takes two to tango.

To succeed, multidimensional skills and collective understanding between parties are required. We have multiple levels of frameworks simultaneously at play here. One of them is the story’s root and the artist’s opinion on it. This course covers these tactics from multiple perspectives. Here are the lecture themes and their contents.

  1. Digital Identity And Passive Promotion
  2. Copyright, Passive Income, And How to Turn Them On
  3. The Role of Management And The Manager Contract
  4. The Relationship Between The Manager And The Artist
  5. Active Promotion And Reactions – Story on Story Effect
  6. Advance And Business
  7. Synchronization As A Pass-Through Route

We have several guests here – each a professional in their own field. This time they are – in the order they appear –  Sam Tall (Studio71), Marilyn Reles-Lozano (PresentPR), IRENE, Timothy Williams (BeachHouseMusic) and Jennifer Pyken.

I usually give the first two lectures myself. During this time, we create a framework for the teaching to take place. The aim is to achieve a collective understanding of what is at stake at any given moment. So the course is not just lectures or guest visits. In fact, we manage this course, gradually raising the level of demand. Most of the examples we use are happening in real time. Many of the productions, or operations presented in the course are actually being released during the course, or at least in the near future. This way, we get private information about the factors that affect the event and become aware of possible hidden motives.

Here we all are.

Here we are in the class room with Campus online students. Talking about managerial and intercession skills - in the modern music industry.

PS: One day these courses will be available to everyone. If you can’t join yet, here’s a book for you. It includes a lot of the things we cover in this course. This way you can learn to think like a manager.