Behind the Scenes – Streaming Promotion


Behind the scenes takes us today into the world of streaming promotion. Streaming promotion and its design is an important step before the music is released. We had an interesting two and a half hour where we went through the early year’s releases.

Many jobs are ran through using electronic devices – without meeting in Person. I like this old-fashioned way – to travel for a joint meeting. There will be reserved time for the meeting and the content of the conversation will be addressed. That’s the spirit.

Oliver Obolgogiani is the manager for Axel Thesleff. We have already worked together in the past. He brought with him Ricky Ghansah, head of PR for Axel Thesleff, a highly skilled operator in streaming promotion. Such meetings are valuable. We mapped out our own strengths and how we could work more effectively in the future.

Streaming promotion meeting with Oliver Obolgogiani and Ricky Ghansah

Because these behind the scenes stories are being asked so much, I will bring them up again this year. Yesterday we talked about different options how to bring new artists to the public knowledge at their early stages and prior to releases. And how to produce content in which artificiality is minimal.

I talk a lot about that content and what influences the artist’s story in The Essence of the Music Business books. Similarly, the intermediation know-how presented in these books is well reflected in these in Person encounters. It is important that everyone devotes not only their time but also their focus to the meeting. That’s what happened to us yesterday.

The next behind the scenes story is coming from Arcada University of Applied Sciences. First I have a lecture with Jack McConnell, the vocalist of Melba Culp. Right after that, we’ll be giving a joint lecture with Mandy Aubry, Director of Business Development, EMEA and APAC at Songtrust.

An update to this post – read The Art of Music Business Management – For Artists & Managers to get more advanced information around the topic.