Telecommuting and ForMusic


Telecommuting has become familiar to many of us over the past year. Telecommuting is its own form of art – each of us creates our own style to do it remotely. You can also develop your telecommuting skills and what better way to accomplish it than to do it together.

In my case however, telecommuting is not a new phenomenon. This is partly due to my location – I live in Finland and most of my associates are from abroad.

Why I now brought up this telecommuting is due to the recent meeting I took part in. I had an interesting talk with Nando Machado from ForMusic. We didn’t know each other before. Nevertheless, immediacy was present all the time. If something from 2020 remains, it is probably an easiness of various communication tools used. Now it all happened through Zoom.

Telecommuting with Nando Machado from ForMusic






When there are no possibilities for meeting each other in person, it must be done some other way. For me, this means a significant improvement in the international dimensions. Suddenly it is perfectly normal to have a conversation all over the world. Even with small things and as if that would always been the case. I admit I like this development.

Today I got an excellent overview of how things are handled in South America. With a person with decades of experience on the subject. It made me wonder if these discussions should take place more often. Music business is clearly a universal phenomenon that affects us all.

What makes telecommuting fruitful is practicality. All the necessary material is in front of you and yet you have an eye contact with those present. Okay, I admit I miss live contact where everyone else is. But still, I have noticed that some things are easier to manage through some remote channel, while others happen live more fluently.

I am pretty sure we could take advantage of this opportunity in the future – and meet more people globally. Who knows what can evolve with it.