Summer Updates Before The Fall Kick-off


Before the Fall kick-off, a few updates are in order. In this regard, I am experiencing exciting times as the meaning of ’kick-off’ remains somewhat unclear to me. There are several reasons for this. Here are a few of them.

The Art of Music Business Management – For Artists & Managers has been sold in over 60 countries. It couldn’t have not influenced the matter. Visibility has improved, and above all, the book’s content and insights have delivered their impact. Additionally, what perhaps delights me the most is that the fundamentals of modern music management, which I have been instrumental in developing, are finding their way into more and more vocabularies. Concepts like passive promotion, or the crucial significance of story root and its functional significance for algorithmic placement and copyright royalties, are becoming better understood.

Secondly, despite the increasing prevalence of artificial intelligence, the book’s embedded predictive mechanism has already taken this into account. I am not taking a stance on whether all developments are good or not, but rather emphasizing the importance of understanding what to prepare for and how they might potentially impact us. One thing can be said right from the outset – consistency in operations further increases its significance. For this purpose, a threefold diagram has been developed in the book, aiding in comprehending all the new features.

Thirdly, I couldn’t achieve all this without teamwork. All these ideas, thought structures, and the concept itself are refined in the background as I lecture with the professionals like here below. In that interaction, the end result (which is never truly finished) takes shape. This interaction also generates fresh material continuously, which increases the number of possibilities. Therefore, when I talk about the fall kick-off, it could encompass anything. Invitations to speak may come from anywhere.

Hence, the exact number of lectures for the next semester is not known, but they will be scheduled. Stay tuned!


Timothy Williams, a film composer, talking about scores at Mika Karhumaa's lectures. The kick-off for the Fall will take place on September.

Here’s Timothy Williams, whose music is known from films such as Guardians of the Galaxy, Pearl, and Deadpool 2.

Jennifer Pyken on Mika Karhumaa's lectures - talking about music supervision. She will be a part of our kick-off also next Fall.

Here’s Jennifer Pyken, who is known as the music supervisor for shows like This Is Us or The Way Home.

And the students themselves at Mika Karhumaa's music business management lectures at Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences. The kick-off for the next semester takes place in September.

And the students – here’s a picture from one of the lectures at Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences.

Those whom this concerns, the fall kick-off is approaching. If you want to be prepared, here’s the book. This is where everything always comes back to, and where all these courses and affiliations begin. You can find the book on Amazon,


Ellibs, and many other distributors

And yes, before the kick-off takes place, let’s enjoy the summer a little while longer!