Long-Term Plan and Strategic Thinking


A long-term plan is at the center of the upcoming The Essence of the Music Business book. The long-term plan is closely associated with its essential ingredient – strategic thinking. One cannot be without another. This time, I have extended long-term thinking throughout the writing and publishing process. Every single phase is in some way linked to the back idea of the book, but also to how it is strategically imported. This way, I hope, the content of the book will be better understood.

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Delta Enigma‘s singer, Vin Valentino, has been close to me for the entire writing process. We already talked about a cover for the previous book – it didn’t happen that time. Usually Aleksi Manninen is the man behind my covers. This time however, the back idea of the book and the contribution of Vin supported the idea that he would make the cover. I gave him free hands here – how he would visually understand a long-term plan and strategic thinking. I told him also to follow his own preferences. After all, many book arguments has a direct access to his band. I have to admit I like his vision;

A cover that tells how Vin Valentino sees a long-term plan









Otherwise, in this book, the manager discusses with the artist and vice versa. Music business is an artist-centered operating environment and this viewpoint offers a fertile reflection for the general perspective too. The first edition got a lot of praise just about this. Now the presentation will be further sharpened. It is also written so that you don’t have to from the field to understand the matter.

There are many books about music business. And there are lots of great writings on the topic, webinars, workshops, podcasts etc. That number however, may cause difficulty to outline the overall picture. This book is made in the view for that purpose. By reading this book, other writings in the field will open in a completely different way and enable the better understanding of things that you should pay attention.

I hope you will be entertained by a book. If there’s any further question, feel free to contact me.